Our Products


  • Hydro-Pneumatic & Special Pumps, Pumps for ETP, WTP, WWTP, STP
  • Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Valves and Specials
  • GRP/SMC Prefab Panel Tanks for Water and Effluent
  • Rotary Screening / Automatic Screening for ETP/STP, Filter Press, Screw Press and Centrifuges
  • Filter / Bio Growth Media  Fluidized Bed Media / Tube Settler Media
  • Colour Removal Resin Filters / Special Resin Filters
  • Zero Corrosion Filters, Pumps And Valves
  • Water, Effluent Test Kits & Meters  Water & Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Ph / TDS / ORP / DO Meters & Instrumentation
  • Filter Cartridges & Membranes – RO / UF / Nano Membranes & RO Housing  Multi Port Valves And Motorized Valves
  • Dosing / Peristaltic Pumps  Roots / Lateral Channel Blowers
  • Aeration Equipment, Oil Skimmers / De-Oils  Lamella Clarifiers & Tube Settlers
  • Cooling Towers, Drift Eliminators, Therm Bars
  • PLC Controlled Electrical/ RO Panels, Drives


  • Ion Exchange Resins/ Cooling Water & Boiler Feed Water
  • Special Purpose Resins/ Effluent Colour Removal
  • Bacteria And Enzymes For Sewage
  • Anionic / Cationic Flocculants
  • Ro Anti-Sclant, Descalant   Birm / Special Filter Media

Aeration Systems

Diffused Roots type blower system

Floating Aeration system for Common ETP

High Discharge blowers for poultry ETP

High Paddle wheel high speed surface Aerator in Common ETP

Desalination & Recovery Plants

DAIRY High Purity RO Plant

Model RO high pure PHARMA RO water

Texitle effluent recycling RO plant

Ultra-filtration Unit in Textile ETP

Dis-infection Systems

Automated polymer dosing system

Chemical dosing system

Multiple automated chemical dosing system

Polymer preparation system

Dissolved Air Flotation System

135 m3-hr DAF Unit for Common ETP

DAF for Garment washing ETP

DAF system for food processing ( under construction)

DAF system for Piggery (under construction)

ETP Plant and Equipment

FRP lining for acidic media ETP

Pre-Chemical Treatment Agitators

Structured Bio media based STP

Tube Settler type Clarifier

Pre-screening & Girt Chambers

Fine Vibrating screen for Garment wash pebble removal

Prescreening chambers, pebble trap in washing plant ETP

Stainless steel Grit Chamber

Static screen for meat processing effluent

Pressure Filtration, Activated Carbon Filters, Softners & Demineralizing Plants

Tertiary treatment for Dairy ETP

WTP-60 m3-hr pressure filter assembled at site

Automated boiler feed water treatment

DM Plant for High purity Pharma water

ETP treatiary filters

High rate pressure sand filters

Hospital Water treatment system

Pressure Multi grade filters testing at our workshop

Pumping Systems

Hydropneumatic pumping system for STP recycling

Large water supply feed pumps

Municipal City Pumping station

Robust SP PUMP to handle pebbles

Recycling Systems

ETP-200 m3-hr horizontal filters prior to final commissioning

STP recycling systems for toilet flushing

Zero discharge evaporator system

Sludge Handling Systems

Centrifuge unit for handling bulky sludge

Efficient Belt press for Paper Pulp Sludge

Housing colony STP-drying beds

Hydraulic Membrane filter press in a Textile ETP

Water Treatment Plant & Equipment

Containerized water treatment plant

High rise Apartments Plumbing system

WTP-20,000 litres-hr Ultra voilet filter

WTP for food processing

Chlorination System

Chlorine dosing system

Gas Chlorination system for City municipal water treatment

ETP – Control Panels & Drives

Air Pollution control panel

Textile ETP panel


Containerized water treatment plant

High rise Apartments Plumbing system